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With about 300 designs, we are sure to have something for everyone on your gift list!

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Welcome to our world of hand-crafted gifts and home decor!

Our products stemmed from my desire to produce wood products that had considerable detail and finish. I really like the things that can be done with a scroll saw as the main piece of equipment and I enjoy the detailed work. So I experimented more and more with the scroll saw and after a while I recognized that I had a whole product line, plus ideas of other things that could be produced. So we test marketed through several shows and to individual gift stores. The results were quite positive.

The problem we did see is that the cost of sales -that is, selling into the gift market- is quite high. Individual gift stores do not make very large purchases of any one product line so traveling from store to store, making presentations and the small size of the resulting orders added considerably to the price or cost of the items. Large wholesale shows were successful, but very expensive to indulge. That is when we decided to look to the internet. After all, in my first life I was a leader and manager of several large computer system designs and implementations so it should be simple, right? Actually not. It has taken a long hard effort and learning experience to reach this point. We tested this market by using eBay, first just auctions and then our eBay Store. This proved to be very exciting so now we also maintain sales effort on Etsy and ArtFire.

This product line adventure has four principals. Myself, Dave; my wife, Nancy; my daughter, Corrie; and one of my grandchildren, Shinnelle. We each have our role in making our beautiful, hand-crafted gifts.

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